Grand European River Cruise Aug-Sep 2014


Kinderdijk and Windmills

Cologne or Koln as the Germans spell it.

Marksburg Castle in Koblinz



Bamburg & Hassfurt

Bamberg Cathedral

Other Bamburg Attractions

Locking Up


High Lift Lock


Passau, Germany

Melk & Krems, Austria



Bratislava, Slovakia


Budapest - Day One

Budapest Day 2

Our Last Day On-board. Photos of the Crew

Budapest to Prague by train

Our Apartment in Prague

Prague Old Town Square

Prague Castle and Saint Vitus Cathedral

Charles Bridge

Miscellaneous Sights in Prague

Jewish Cemetary

Egypt, Jordan and Israel

Valley of the Kings

Temple of Hatslepsut

Abu Simbel


The Kingdom of Jordan


Diriyah - Saudi Arabia

Summer 2013

Whistler, BC

Glacier National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Grand Teton National Park


Texas Hill Country Photos

Hill Country Flowers

Canyon Gorge

China 2013

Shanghai April 10-12, 2013

Shanghai Tour Page

Yangtze Tour 4-13-13

China-Yangtze River Cruise 4-14-13

Yangtze River Cruise-Tour 4-14-13

China Yangtze River 4-14-13 Afternoon Tour

Yangtze River PM 4-14-13

China-Yangtze River 4-15-13

We then headed to the Farmers Home for a visit.

Misc photos for the last day on the boat

ChongQuing & Pandas

Xi' An and the Terracotta Warriors

April 18th was a Travel Day but here are a few photos

Beijing-Day one.

Forbidden City

Summer Palace

Tea Ceremony

The Great Wall

Olympic Village

Beijing Duck

Galapagos Islands & Ecuador 2012

Guayaquil Downtown area

Historical Park and Preserve

Historical Park and Preserve Page 2

Iguana Park


Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Photo Page 1 - Sea Birds

Galapagos Photo Page 2 - The Boobies

Galapagos Photo Page 3 - Coastal Birds

Galapagos Photo Page 4 - Land Birds

Galapagos Photo Page 5 - Reptiles

Galapagos Photo Page 6 - Marine Mammals

Galapagos Photo Page 7 - Underwater

Galapagos Photo Page 8 - Miscellaneous


Quito Old Town Churches Photo Page 1

Quito Old Town Photo Page 2

Quito National Museum Photo Page 3

Quito Equator Photo Page 4

Quito TramwayPhoto Page 5

Quito Marketplace Photo Page 6

Quito Rain Forest Photo Page 7

Quito Cuy Photo Page 8

South Africa 2009

Birds of Africa

Africa Cape Buffalo


African Antelope

African Antelope Page 2

African Giraffe

African Hippopotamus



African Mongoose

Canines of Africa

African Rhinoceroses

African Elephant


Lions and Leopards

Plants and Trees

Butts and Eyes of Africa

Scenic and Miscellaneous

Oregon Caves 2004

Panama Canal 2003

Alaska 2002

North Sea Cruse 2001

Bavaria, Germany and Austria

This and Thats. Misc. Photo Albums

Sand Castles

North-West US Photos

Yosemite & Mammoth Lake

Carlsbad Caverns & White Sands, NM


Nevada Desert Flowers

Nevada Desert Animals

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